Voice Lessons Nashville and Online

Hi I’m Breck Alan and I teach an amazing vocal method called The Art of Body Singing.

I help you find your unique voice. Your Body is Your Voice.

Your personal tastes, talent, and life experience are your style.

I specialize in helping singers reach goals, expand their skills and ignite their imagination. I bring out the best singer in you.

The Mad Scientist Body Singing Vocal Lab is for:

  • Vocal Skill Development – Use your voice in ways you’ve only dreamed of and in ways you never even thought of
  • Performance and Personal Style Development – There’s only one you….so why not sound and tell your story like you?
  • Instinctive and Reflex Oriented Vocal Training
  • Focus on Expression…….then make it a Profession
  • Overcome Physical and Mental Obstacles in Singing
  • Experience a Myriad of Fun Challenges
  • Tour A Vast World of SingingEnjoy a Wide Exploration of your Voice
  • Work with a Master Teacher with Real World Contemporary Voice Experience
  • Eliminate the Confusion of Conflicted Ideas as Vocal Myths are Demystified

Connect your voice with The Art of Body Singing

The Bar is High…….Reach For It

Contact me here for private lessons in Nashville or Online lessons using Skype, Google Chat or Facetime.